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EMILIA’S by R.A Wright

Fathomless darkness stretching out around her, above her, inside her – that was what night was like after she lost Matty. The world collapsed, turned in on itself, and hope burned away. Any sparks that remained were consumed by the massive black hole left behind by Matty’s death.

For Aucklander Hanna, a move to Napier means the chance for a fresh start. In Napier, no one knows Matty. No one knows he lived with Cystic Fibrosis. No one knows he died because of it, and no one knows Jo. Here, she’s just Hanna. A new name; a new beginning. Until she meets Jon. With Jon, Hanna finds herself on an unplanned journey of acceptance and healing. Matty will always be with her, but maybe it’s time to let go.

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